Valentin is a young and dynamic 26 year old chef. Of French origin, his family passed on to him the passion for cooking from a very young age. What he loves is the sharing, the social link and the conviviality that is created around the meals.

Valentin started cooking at the age of 15, during an internship at the Café de Peney with chef Philippe Chevrier. Then, for a year and a half, he worked in a Japanese restaurant, where he had the revelation that he wanted to make his passion his profession.

After his general baccalaureate, he continued his studies at the Institut Paul Bocuse in a Bachelor’s degree in International Management of Culinary Arts to become a chef.
During his studies, he did a first internship with chef Mickaël Arnoult at the Auberge des Morainières, 2 Michelin stars.
Then a second internship with Chef Serge Labrosse at La Chaumière Troinex, 1 Michelin star.
He also trained in the Restaurant Saisons of Davy Tissot, 1 Michelin star in Lyon.

Before coming to Les Ateliers, he worked as a sous-chef in a private residence, where he concocted gourmet dishes.

As his background shows, Valentin is passionate about his job, he is a good teacher and he loves to transmit. With him, learning will be in a good mood and in a friendly atmosphere.


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