The DUOLAB team is based in Switzerland and London.
“DUO” depicts the two capsules used to make the cream moisturiser;
“LAB” references the at-home laboratory function that the formulating device offers.
As Nespresso did with its coffee machines and adapted capsules, with DUOLAB you simply insert your two chosen capsules into the device (a Moisturising Base chosen according to the day/night levels of nutrition required;
and a Targeted Concentrate, loaded with active ingredients to address specific skin needs and issues) to obtain the desired formula.
The device is then started and within 90 seconds the formula is emulsified and heated to skin temperature (between 37 and 42 degrees) for a more effective absorption of the active ingredients and greater sensoriality on application.
The user thus obtains just the right dose of targeted active ingredients, their own highly concentrated “shot”, more fun, and adapted to the “mood” of their skin.
A total of 15 formula combinations are available.

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