When we talk about chocolate, we immediately imagine Switzerland and its green pastures, fat and happy dairy cows.
It’s true that Swiss chocolate makes you dream and that it is one of the symbols of Switzerland.
Then you have to distinguish between artisanal chocolate and industrial chocolate.

Zeller Chocolatier since 1959 is one of the traditional chocolate makers for whom quality is more important than quantity.
The manufacture of chocolate requires a great knowledge of the basic product, the cocoa bean, and an expertise to succeed in making exceptional chocolates.

Zeller chocolates have a reputation for excellence and offer a wide range of compositions, from chocolate bars with a variety of cocoa contents to pralines and other specialities.
Easter eggs and the much respected climbing pot are also part of the Swiss chocolate heritage.

In this sense, Zeller is proud to announce that it offers one of the best chocolates in Geneva.
3 Zeller shops welcome you – 2 in Geneva and 1 in Yvoire in the beautiful medieval village near the Swiss border on the Hermance side.


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