Kid’ing in Geneva/Gosses à Genève  

offers more than 60 suggestions to spend an incredible summer in GENEVA!
Kid’ing in Geneva has personnally tested and visited each of them as to give us an accurate information.


1.- Bois de la Bâtie:

After major renovations, Bois de la Bâtie playground is finally open: needless to say, it is awesome! Water games, slides, sand, swings, trampoline, climbing activities, all suitable for all ages. The kiddy pool right next to it is open already as well. No surprise to me, though my kiddo missed a zipline. Open 7/7. Don’t you think it’s great?! C’est génial, n’est-ce pas?!

a couple picnic tables on site; it might be not so easy to get to the big slide (tried it myself) as it is pretty high up; if hot, early mornings are the best as it is in the shade then. A nearby Sadara opens up at 10am (closed Mondays): great outdoor terrace, a place to relax, get some healthy & delicious simple meal or savor some Gelatomania


2.- La Grande Roue de Genève
Le Village Suisse is back at Jardin anglais for the summer!
Take a ride on the famous Ferris Wheel to admire lovely views of Geneva, enjoy the food & have a glass of swiss wine at an open door cafe.
Open every day from 9am until August 29th.
Ferris Wheel: 7chf per ride, free for under 3 years
open 12noon to midnight, unless bad weather.

3.- Golf urbain

4.- La Grande Roue

5.- De Parc en Parc

6.- Parc Aventure

7.- Plan-les-Ouates

8.- Signal De Bougy


9.- Bain-Bleu Hammam & Spa 

10.- Bains de Cressy

11.- Bains des Pâquis 

12.- La Fontenette

13.- Genève-plage

14.- Plages du Lac Léman:
It’s nice to spend time near the lake, feel the cool breeze and dip your feet in the water.
The canton of Genève / Geneva has 29 public accesses to the Lake Geneva, Switzerland: 7 of them on Rive Gauche and 7 on Rive Droite
are good for swimming (Refer to the link below on detailed information.)
And numerous beaches around the lake (see 2nd link below).
However, with the increasing temperatures, the risk of swimmer’s/duck itch is much greater too.
Find out more at’s_itch .

avoid shallow, slow-moving water, taker a shower after your swim in the lake. One more thing: have you heard of secondary drowning? Check out the link below. Be safe and don’t forget to have fun



15.- Baignade

16.- Lancy

17.- Meyrin

18.- Plage des Eaux-Vives
Plage des Eaux-Vives is our go to place during summer.
Lots of space by the lake, beautiful lawn.
Most of the beaches are covered in pebbles, near the restaurant – sand beach, there is a wheelchair acces to the swimming too.
Showers & water fountains throughout the beaches. If you are hungry, check out Rest de la Plage offering various goodies from 9am daily, all day long,
weather permitting.
Its terrace on the lake is spacious, with gorgeous views. Café Grecque was perfect to start a hot summer day.
Are you ready for the beach?!

terrace is non smoking (🙏 yippee!), accessible by prams & wheelchairs. Menu reasonably priced. Reserve your table at . Baby plage is on the opposite side of the restaurant, usually much more crowded

19.- Thônex

20.- Tour de Plage

21.- Varembé

22.- Vernets

23.- Versoix

24.- Yatouland Parc Aquatique


25.- Espaces de grillades

26.- Big Biennale, Ile Rousseau
The fourth edition of @big_biennale is occupying Île Rousseau, in the heart of Geneva!
It’s fun, creative, unexpected, uncanny!
Under the lush trees of this green oasis, relax in a hammock or… a bath tub, take a picture, climb bamboos… A true urban jungle!
To discover & enjoy until July 25th.
Program of events:

a cosy resto La Riviera du Rhône, nested there too, looks like a perfect place to take a break! Open Wednesdays-Sundays, noon to 9pm.



27.- Bioparc Genève
When we first visited it some 7 years ago, it didn’t much impress us.
Bioparc Genève is a whole new world now, a little gem, a lovely animal sanctuary!
Created by Pierre Challandes in 1991, the parc aims to preserve biodiversity & protect the animals. It is home to nearly 70 species.

The first visit is free; if you plan on visiting multiple times a year, you’ll have to adhere to their association. The parc is always looking for volunteers, so do not hesitate to contact them if interested. Cash or Twint donations are always welcome. You can sponsor an animal/bird & support the initiative too. A couple picnic tables, small gift shop, bathrooms on premisses. Small parking lot, though people are encouraged to use public transport: bus #20 Valavran stop (approx 20min ride from Gare Cornavin). Open 7/7, 9:30am to 4pm.

28.- Bisons
We definitely had no idea one could see them in Geneva!
This mythical Far West animal has been first introduced in Switzerland by Laurent Girardet.
His family owns a farm in Colovrex since his great grandfather.
It has been his dream since long time to bring the bisons from North America, which he realised in 1990.
You can see some 50 bisons roaming the green pastures of Colovrex.

29.- Cathédrale Saint-Pierre et Site archéologique
No doubt, the best view of Geneva is from Cathédrale Saint-Pierre et Site archéologique towers!
We love it, hence every year we climb some 160 steps to get to the watch room (salle du guet) first in the South Tower and from there a couple dozen more to the North Tower for breathtaking views.
The city, the lake are at your feet with Jura & Salève in the background.
This view never gets boring!
Tickets: 7CHF adults, 7 to 16 years 4CHF.
Last entry every day at 6pm, except Saturday at 4:30p.

30.- Chaises longues en villes

Champ des possibles, Veyrier, until July 10th

Yesterday we spent relaxing at @lechampdespossibles_veyrier, a lovely & laid back outdoor space nested in a corn field.
Until July 10th, it offers various activities & workshops for big & small, as well as concerts; a nice shaded area to chat with friends; plant & vegetable market, buvette for some snacks.
We tasted @paleta.loca passion fruit-mango icecream which was amazing…
And yes, plenty of space for tots to run around!
Open every day, except Mondays.

most activities require advance sign up, see program at . Chill out, have fun!



Festival des Bastions


31.- Fruit Picking, Meyrin
Strawberry PICKING is nearing to an end, however La Fraisière offers many other choices: raspberries, currant, tomatoes, & more throughout the summer and into the fall.
Refer to the attached schedule for fruit/vegetable picking times.
Open Mondays, Wednesdays, & Saturdays from 8am.
Any questions, call 022 782 9058 (automated message), 079 230-9155 or check their website for updates (see link below).

Cash only; usually they provide plastic containers of different sizes; wear closed shoes. If hot, bring water! NOTE: if coming by tram (stop Jardin Alpin-Vivarium), it’s a 10 minute walk from the stop to the farm house, from their, follow the signs; prams are fine


32.- Vegetables in town

We shall soon see vegetables growing right in front of Musée d’art et d’histoire de Genève !
You read it right, vegetables!
With the support from Opage of Ville de Genève – Officiel, Union Maraichere De Geneve is launching an initiative Légumes en Ville.
For the next 6 months, Parc de l’Observatoire will house a didactic space where eggplants, tomatoes, peppers, salads as well as other vegetables soon will grow.
They are setting up a greenhouse too!
100kg of vegetables are expected to be gathered weekly.
The harvest will be donated to Partage, la banque alimentaire genevoise , Geneva’s food bank.

info panels on vegetables & how to grow them will be placed as well as a representative from UMG will be there to answer your questions






33.- Meyrin les Bains 

34.- Musique en été

35.- Pré En Bulle

36.- Activités sportives

37.- Buvettes estivales

38.- Théâtre de l’Orangerie

39.- Union fait le jeu

40.- Ville est à Vous


41.- Au long de l’Arve:
Take a walk along river Arve on a beautiful day! The hike is easy, less than 3km long, and would take a couple of hours with several stops for goûter along the way, though it will all depend on your tot!
Sport’s prams will have no problem with the terrain – check out the pictures.
There are some 100 steps to walk up the hill with moderate incline.
Starting point bus #8 stop Conches; finishing point bus #8 stop Pont de Sierne: please refer to the map for details.
Enjoy the nature, listen to the birds, skip rocks into the river or make balancing sculptures with your little explorers!

42.- Bois de Jussy
An evening walk can be so refreshing & relaxing! Headed for a walk in Jussy forest, nature reserve Prés de Vilette. Easy walk.
You can follow wider, sport’s pram accessible paths or get a bit more adventurous.
Didn’t return empty handed either: grateful for the small trophy that nature gifted us!

parking on Chemin des Etolles, take water, mosquito spray is a must



43.- Dardagny, Grand Bois de Roulave
Dardagny, Part 1:
So many things to explore! This time we headed to Grand Bois de Roulave, in Dardagny, next to French border.
To get there we walked by some vineyards, we could even spot Jet d’Eau in distance!
It’s an easy walk, wide path most of the way, woods with a lot of shade.
We were lucky to come across some yummy wild strawberries too!

approx 1h30min, can be quite muddy after the rain, mini parking at Route du Mandement; bus 74 from La Plaine to Le Roulave stop; map of the walk in the comments.



44.- Dardagny, Au long de Roulave
Dardagny, Part 2: after visiting Grand Bois de Roulave, we walked along the stream of Roulave. The path to Essertines bridge is fairly easy, passing by several caves in the clifs, a bit wild looking: the green was overwhelming, in multitude of shades, striking and peaceful, lush just after the rain (can be rather muddy too). From Essertines Bridge we headed to Allondon river (5min) for some picnic & after having rested a bit – to Essertines, a short though quite steep walk up the hill, a cute hamlet with wonderful views of surrounding areas.

approx 1h30-2h of leisurely walk; parking near Essertines Bridge; map of our walk in comments: starting point Le Roulave bus stop, finish point Essertines (both a short ride away from La Plaine).



45.- Penthes

A bit longer, though down hill picturesque walk from Penthes (Bus V & Z) to lake Geneva, and for experienced walkers 🙂 all the way to Mouettes Genevoises
Navigation stop Pâquis (approx 5.5km).
Best part, you can take a bus any time you get tired once you reach Conservatory and Botanical Garden of the City of Geneva; you can also bring a scooter; roads definitively accessible with prams.
Along the way, have a goûter at the park in Domaine de Penthes, admiring Mont Blanc.
Chemin de l’Impératrice will take you to the Botanical Gardens: explore the Smell Garden, check out the animals, let your tots have fun at the playground near Pyramus (you may have your lunch there), take a ride on a carousel (open late Spring to early Fall).
Then, continue your walk onto the lake. You can keep your tot busy all day long, just bring lots of snacks & water!

46.- Mouettes 

47.- Le Carrousel des Fables

48.- Satigny, Nant d’Avril, Graffiti
Satigny, Part 3: In 1955 part of the Nant d’Avril, between Chemin du Château-des-Bois and Route de Meyrin, was channeled and later it has become graffiti haven. Impressive! The experience is never the same as graffiti is constantly changing. We descended info the channel near Route de Satigny: there are several entry/exit points via ladders descending into the channel (look for them in the bushes by the channel).

waterproof shoes is a must, unless the stream is dried up



49.- Satigny, Au long de Nant d’Avril
Satigny Part 1. It’s a lovely walk by Nant d’Avril rain or shine! We walked down the stream from Satigny to Peney. Except for the entrance steps at Satigny, the path is wide, easily accessible for kids, bikes, prams as well as horse rides. Along the road, some benches & a few places with access to the stream, which is shallow. Nant d’Avril flows into Rhone in Peney; Café de Peney is right there for the hungry ones, a small playground nearby. Leisurely walk: approx 45min one way. To get to Satigny: 10 min train ride from Geneva’s Gare Cornavin.

50.- Satigny, Château des Bois
Satigny Part 2: from Peney, we continued our walk by vines and onto Château des Bois through a beautiful forest & fields. Then we headed towards Nant d’Avril: we had to walk by the road to reach it, which wasn’t so glamorous as it is next to the industrial zone. Once we got to the stream, the path led us back to Satigny train station. Walk: approx 1h30-2hours, not suitable for prams or small kids.

51.- Téléphérique du Salève

52.- Voie Verte greenway, Gare des Eaux-Vives à Annemasse
Voie Verte (Greenway) – a 5km (one way) stretch of soft mobility between Geneva’s Gare des Eaux-Vives & Annemasse (France) train station inaugurated at the end of April 2018. Great for walking, biking, running, rollerblading (the latter still a bit difficult due to some unfinished stretches, gravel & a deviation). Benches every so often, very sunny so sun protection highly recommended. Mostly flat, except next to the Gare des Eaux-Vives.

to be used in the mornings or evenings when it’s cool; take plenty of water with you (didn’t notice water fountains, maybe in the future).




53.- C L’Aventure Annemasse

54.- L’île de Tortuga

55.- Jayland, Gland

56.- Ludothèques


57.- Bouteille à la mer, Musée d’Histoire Naturelle
The oldest museum of natural history Muséum Genève is celebrating its 200 year anniversary with 3 small though amazing exhibits & numerous events, not to he missed. Wildlife Photographer of the Year, organized by Natural History Museum in London in 2019, showcases some of the most stunning pictures from around the world by upcoming & seasoned photographers.
“Bouteille à la mer” (Bottled Ocean), by Maori artist George Nuku, dives into the heart of the ocean in 2120: mesmerizingly beautiful though sad plastic & plexiglas underwater world. Is it what the future generations will inherit from us? Trésors: museum’s collection is vast & divers; 200 objects out of 15 million for us to explore. The 3 exhibits on view until January 21, 2022.

Trésors – free. Bilingual Treasure hunt guide available for free too. Combined ticket for the other 2: 10CHF, free for under 18 years. Kids discovery booklet in English 3.50CHF. Open Tuesday-Sunday, closed Monday.



58.- Château de Prangins
Have you been to Château de Prangins? Gorgeous views, beautiful gardens and yes, a lovely museum on life of a noble Vaud family in 18th century! What is special about it? For the first time in Switzerland, a permanent exhibit especially designed for young visitors in the form of role play has been launched: an immersive & interactive experience based on 9 characters travelling in 18th, 19th or 20th centuries, each time different, depending on visitor’s choices. Two age options (4 to 10 & 11+ years), in 4 languages (English, French, German & Italian). One role play story lasts up to 20min.

Fee: 10CHF, free for under 16 years; check out Museums Pass Nyon Region for 12CHF if you plan on visiting other museums – total 8 – in the area; closed Mondays; a temporary exhibit Games is on view until October: it requires a timed ticket acquired in advance.



59.- Ecoute Voir, Musée d’histoire des Sciences
How often is one encouraged to make noise at a public space? A bilingual intercative Ecoute voir exhibit about sound at Musée d’histoire des Sciences is all about it: measure, amplify, reproduce or even see the sound. The little ones have their play corner to make all the noise they want too. Simple & fun discoveries await you! On view until February 27, 2022. Free. Closed Tuesdays.


La Barje des Sciences, outdoor buvette, is right next to the museum, great to relax, get a snack, with lovely views to Lake Geneva.







60.- Quartier Libre SIG
We all wanna be happy, we don’t even question it! Some things we seek, others we take for granted. Is there such a thing as universal happiness? Or do we want different things? What can’t we live without? Happiness & sustainability, does that go hand in hand? How happy am I?
Current Global Happiness exhibit at Quartier Libre SIG is a great way to explore & question this topic.
Don’t get suprised by some answers!
Open every day. Free. On view until October 17, 2021.

in French & German; find out your level of overall happiness by answering questions throughout the exhibit: you’ll have to pick up a pocket of seeds – how symbolic! – next to the 1st station; take your picture to share it with the loved ones or the world! Happiness game-exhibit guide for older kids for purchase at the reception.






61.- Immersions, Berges de Vessy
Water. We can’t live without it. Though we rarely, if ever, ask questions about it, taking it for granted.
The exhibit IMMERSIONS at Les Berges de Vessy is all about water, a glimps into its various facets. It’s also a collaboration with local artists who get inspired by water.
Older kids can pick up a flyer & answer some questions about exhibit in order to participate in a contest.
Several activities are planned too.
More at  les berges de vessy
Sign-up is a must. Free. Open Tuesday-Friday 1pm to 5pm, Saturday-Sunday 10am to 5pm. On view until October 31st.


bring a picnic & enjoy it by the river!


62.- Le MAMCO

We enjoy visiting galleries & museums. Currently, MAMCO Genève is inviting to rediscover its permanent collection, works that have not been shown often after their acquisition. Inventory: it’s amusing, interesting, sophisticated, showcasing art movements of the second half of the 20th century.
Fee: 15/10CHF, free for under 18 years. Closed Mondays. On view until June 20.

the first Sunday of the month is free; next one May 2nd. For kids’ events, check their agenda: usually they offer Mini rendez-vous for 2 to 4 year olds & Petit rendez-vous for 5 to 10 year olds for free on Sundays & sometimes Wednesdays. These days, reservation is a must.


63.- Drawings exhibition of children- Merci! 

64.- Musée d’Art et d’Histoire ateliers

65.- Thé pour deux

66.- Walk on the Water, Musée d’Art et d’Histoire
Walk on the Water, designed by Jacob Lena Knebl, is an inspiring, fresh look at the art from everyday perspective. It is not your usual static exhibit: cosy up on a couch, observe a card game, peek into the kitchen! What an ingenious way to explore & discover. Boring it is not and no doubt even the tots will love it.


on view at Musée d’art et d’histoire de Genève until June 27, 2021. Free. Closed Mondays.



67.- Map (swim, picnics, BBQs) in the canton of Geneva

68.- GENEVE agenda



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